Nokia Maze Pro 2024 Price, Specs, & Release Date

Nokia Maze Pro Price, Full Specs, Features, Release Date, and Latest News! One of the best smartphones that people in various countries are patiently waiting for has been declared. You know, the name of the mobile I’m talking about is the Nokia Maze Pro. Many people in India, USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Pakistan, and many other countries also want to know how much it will cost.

Fortunately, I’m going to reveal many hidden facts about this today. Previously, I wrote about some other smartphones from the Nokia company. If you are not aware before, Nokia Electronics releases many flagship mobile devices from time to time, so expected from them, they come with the Nokia Maze Pro now.

This company has been existing years ago, and they have a reputable name in the mobile market. They have many flagship devices that give high-quality features to people. Not only that, their product always comes with unique specs, which usually include the RAM, ROM, battery, Camera, etc.

Well, I want to only focus on a single device today (I mean on this page), and the device’s name is the Nokia Maze Pro. I will show you its price, specs, features, and release date. This will include amazing RAM, ROM, unique battery capacity, a camera, as well as a processor, which is responsible for the overall performance of a smartphone. It doesn’t stop there, all other important information you need will be revealed in this article. So, stay with me if that is what you are looking for about this Maze Pro. Ready? Let’s go…

Quick Glance About the Nokia Maze Pro:

Available Colors:White, Black, Pink Gold, Dark Green.
Android Version:Android 14
Processor Type:Snapdragon
Battery Type:Li-Polymer

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Nokia Maze Pro Specs and Features:

As I have told you before, I will reveal the specs and features, now here we are. So, let’s start with the display. This upcoming Nokia Maze Pro comes with 7.0 inches, which has a Super AMOLED Full Touchscreen Display. In addition to that, it has Corning Gorilla Glass 7, which serves as protection for the screen. So, you can rest assured that it is safe from unexpected falls as this glass is very protective.

On the other hand, its display resolution comes with 1440 x 3200 pixels. Normally, this resolution is okay for many users according to research. And I hope you too will enjoy it. Also, another thing that I like about it is that it has a feature called “Always-on Display.” This makes the device stay active for a long time. And, it will surely be useful to active users such as a gamer, internet surfers, or any other people that stay active always on phones. Continue reading below…

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Now, the next specification I want to reveal to you is the camera. So, the rear camera (also known as the back camera) of this Nokia Maze Pro comes in Quad, which consists of a 200 MP Primary Lens + 32 MP Ultra-wide Lens + 15 MP Wide Sensor + 5 Depth Sensor. According to our special research about this camera, we found out that it’ll be good for almost what it’s needed for, such as video call/recording, taking pic, etc.

As for the front camera, it has 64 MP. This front camera is also good. You can take a nice-looking selfie, video recording as well as video calls. So you can enjoy this camera’s features. Additionally, there are various common camera features available for you. This includes LED Flash, Panorama, Zeiss Optics, and HDR. These features will even make your experience awesome while using the camera.

Now, let me show you the battery specs. The battery capacity of this smartphone is 7300 mAh. The battery type is Li-Polymer and it’s also Non-removable. When we carry out research about how long it can last, we observed that it should last for at least 42 hours of use when you charge it fully. Moreover, the “Fast Battery Charging” feature is also available on this device. This feature comes with 65W quick battery charging, and you’ll only need to charge it for a short period to full.

We now get to the interesting part, which is the RAM and ROM. The RAM capacity is one of the things that makes a smartphone good and perform pretty well. But as for this phone, it comes with a good RAM capacity. So, this Nokia Maze Pro comes with two RAM variants: 12 GB and 16 GB.

The ROM (internal storage) on the other hand also comes with two variants. This includes 256 GB and 512 GB, which is absolutely amazing and has the capacity to save a lot of data. Another thing that I like about this is that it has a micro SD card slot that allows users to use up to 1TB of SD card. So, if you have an SD card with or not up to this capacity, you can still use it in addition to the ROM.

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As for the processor section, I mentioned above that it uses snapdragon. Snapdragon is one of the best processor types. Various mobile brands use it. So, Nokia added this processor for this phone: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform. As for the OS (operation system), this Nokia Maze Pro was powered by the Android 14, which is still currently the latest Android version. Meaning that this device will still have access to the latest update from Android.

Sensor is another thing I would like to tell you about. So, this phone has some important sensor technologies, which include the GSM / CDMA / HSPA / EVDO / LTE / 5G.

Nokia Maze Pro Price:

You might also be eager to know how much this smartphone will cost; you are not alone, many other Nokia lovers out there want to know it. Fortunately, we are here to help you with that. So, according to our research, we found out that the expected price for the Nokia Maze Pro is $650. When this mobile is out, its price will be around that.

However, if you want to know how much it will be in some other currencies (such as Indian Rupee, UAE Dirham, Saudi Arabia Riyal, Malaysia Ringgit, etc.), I have helped you with that as well; check below.

Nokia Maze Pro Prices in Some Other Currencies:

  • India: 49510 INR (Indian Rupee)
  • British: 490 GBP (Great British Pound)
  • UK: 575 EUR
  • UAE: 2390 AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham)
  • Australia: 905 AUD (Australian Dollar)
  • Saudi Arabia: 2440 SAR (Saudi Riyal)
  • Singapore: 887 SGD (Singapore Dollar)
  • Russia: 47750 RUB (Russian Ruble)

Nokia Maze Pro Release Date:

So far, we got a report that many people are now looking for the launch date of this mobile. Well, after knowing the specs, features, and price, the next thing is the release date.

However, we would like to inform you that the expected release date for the Nokia Maze Pro is November 3, 2024. This report was from a special research we carried out. So, if you have been longing to see this Maze Pro, you should wait till then.


We hope you find all that you are looking for about the Nokia Maze Pro. If so, then we are glad to have you here. However, if you need one or two additional information about this, do not hesitate to inform us; you can use the comment box below to do that. Lastly, we are happy to have you here, do have a nice day!

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